Exotic Wood Flooring

   An exotic wood indigenous to African origins. confined to lowland tropical forest on the Kalahari sands. Rhodesian Teak is best known for its exquisite color, best tangential and radial values.  

Rhodesian teak has a density of 930 Kg/m3 at a moisture content of 10% - making it Double the strength of ASH + English Oak.  All our timber is Kiln dried – German Kiln 8% - 12%.

Due to its hard nature it was commonly used for railroad slabs, boats, mining timber, batten doors and furniture, but is most valuable as a flooring timber and now trending amongst top architects for indoor and outdoor decking.

Rhodesian Teak Wood is naturally resistant to decay caused by fungi and shows a marked resistance to termite attack.

Indoor Flooring

Indoor Flooring

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